Deciphering Denver, I. 

Exploring Real Estate Market Indicators, 2018



Chase Citrowski

Abstract. Denver is in a tremendous time in its history.  Traditionally a boom and bust oil town, Denver is out growing its roots and working with a vengeance to shake off its image as simply a cow town. With over 10,000 people moving here each year and a population expected to pass 700,000, Denver is in a unique position to be able to influence the way the city is built-out to accept and distribute the new arrivals.  Since the early 1980’s Denver has been identifying areas that are ripe for growth while respecting the in place populace and embracing each areas unique qualities. With the surge of tax revenue and abundant capital, the boom Denver has seen is just the beginning and is in fact an actualization of a plan, not at random. What we see as Denver’s growth today is the low hanging fruit the city has wanted to pick for decades.  This paper will address where Denver has been, how it has done, and where it is saying it’s headed.  The goal is to put you, the investor, in the path that Denver is telling us it’s going down. The wave is on the horizon, let’s get you on it.



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