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Real Estate Roadmap


2017, In Developmentre-roadmap.com

Real Estate Roadmap is a secure, purpose built tool for real estate professionals that enables them to properly perform their work in the field and provide their clients with a roadmap that aids them throughout the entire deal.

The Goal: Create an experience based real estate transaction platform empowering real estate professionals to empower their clients. Professionals are seldom at a desk and are in need of a tool for them to perform their work in the field, on the fly.

My Role: As a co-founder and practicing real estate professional, I performed all roles including user research, interface and visual design, and business/implementation strategy. Soup to nuts, as they say.




2016, ActiveApple Store

SooperPay is a peer to peer money transfer application for the personal and business members of Sooper Credit Union.

The Goal: Introduce a payment platform to the community, putting credit unions at the center of local commerce. SooperPay Merchant, was the second phase which would integrate with merchant point of sale systems to provide pre-paid and loyalty rewards with customers. This would all be facilitated through SooperPay and by extension local participating credit unions.

My Role: As project manager, I identified early on that the proposed workflows and interface were not sufficient to solicit the desired response from customers.  Rallying support from senior leadership, we underwent a full overhaul, reducing barriers and streamlining workflows. The rework payed off, and we successfully onboarded personal and business members to use the platform.  




GreenBack iPhone Splash 300.jpg
2015, Inactive

GreenBack is a mobile banking solution for the cannabis industry. The potential acquirer failed to get their master account from the Federal Reserve and the opportunity fell through shortly after.

The Goal: Provide a mobile channel banking solution to the under served cannabis industry. The cannabis industry has a banking problem.  With most cannabis products being illegal at the federal level, financial institutions that are federally regulated cannot accept these funds.  With financial institutions facing this head on, one credit union was only banking cannabis businesses, and GreenBack would have been their mobile channel solution.

My Role: As this opportunity was presented, I was charged with regulatory research and various risk analysis models.  Using the tangible results we produced from our research, I began preliminary strategy and branding sessions. Shortly there after, the opportunity fell through with the denial of a master account from the Federal Reserve.


Cookout Kitchen for Charity


CKC Composite.jpg
2016, ActiveFacebook

As the chosen valedictorian of 2016 Leadership Arvada, I led a team of 25 professionals in manufacturing a cook out trailer for the Aravada-Jefferson Kiwanis service club to provide a turn key fundraising opportunity for local non-profits.

The Goal: Deliver a trailer capable of serving large groups to the Arvada-Jefferson Kiwanis Club.

My Role: Managing 25 professionals, organized in teams between design; fundraising; procurement; document writing; and fabrication, to complete a volunteer project while meeting strict deadlines and ultimately deliver a working asset to benefit the local community.


Interaction Design

Interaction design is my passion. Creating clear and intuitive workflows is the best instrument to clearly demonstrate that you are on the same page as your customer. Breaking down processes and workflows to a clear visual medium provides an anchor point to customers, product teams, and stake holders enabling them to provide feedback or further iterate with their respective disciplines. I create storyboards, mockups, and prototypes with Sketch, inVision, or Zeppelin.

On or off a screen, creating and maintaining an intended experience starts with a clearly defined foundation.  Building the information architecture, from creating user stories to standardizing product nomenclature, is what puts the customers voice front and center. With this focus, we have a foundation that sets up a project and its team to succeed.



Businesses have a lot of problems to solve, so why should addressing their user experience be at the top of the list? Your customers voice is a commodity, user experience is the practice of pulling actionable insights from it. The more deliberate you are in the interactions and the over all experience customers have with your business or product, the better you are able to pull qualitative and quantitative insights. Using these insights, products can iterate and improve on hyper specific features to measure the return of their efforts and can often give you clear indicators of where to point your effort next.


How do you find your customers voice in an unbiased way? Research. Discovering stressors, motivators, and in what context is vital to find where focus and resources should be prioritized. Research is not black magic, this is why I stress stake holders be participants in creating the session guides we use to talk to customers. Once the data is compiled, we take the voice of the customer and rapidly create tangible action plans to guide strategy and design. The goal of research is to cultivate the stories of your customers into tangible returns.

Visual Design

It's said that you eat with your eyes, our on screen habits are no different. Creating and maintaining a consistent and curated style across an entire product is paramount in making sure the right message is being sent and received.

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I am a tactical practitioner, not an arm chair designer. I thrive in an immersive research environment working to capture the voice of the customer, the good and the bad, to ultimately design and produce products that improve the quality of life of the people who use them.





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Myers-Briggs: ENTJ

Real Estate Roadmap, 2016 - Present

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Real Estate Agent, 2016 - Present



Sooper Credit Union, 2015 - 2016

Gallup Strengths Finder: 1. Maximizer, 2. Strategic, 3. Individualization, 4. Competition, 5. Command


Northrop Grumman, 2010 - 2014


Los Angeles Harbor College, 2010